A shout-out for The People’s Supermarket



  • 15th April 2015

Another nod in Unreal’s direction – Our work for The People’s Supermarket has been mentioned in the April 2015 issue of Entrepreneur. Nice to see that a branding project that stemmed from a £12 Euroslot hole punch we bought from Ebay is still being talked about after FastCo Design named it one of the Top 10 rebrands of 2010.


Get your copy of the feature in Entrepreneur here 

Hello Sailor!



  • 10 May 2013

We’ve just completed the rebranding for luxury yachtmakers Arkin Pruva. The new look launches in this month’s edition of Boat International through advertising also created by Unreal. A new identity formed from two ‘A’ and ‘P’ sails sits at the heart of the new look, while the strapline ‘Pure Craft’ emphasises the heritage, passion and performance of the Arkin Pruva boatyard.

The company’s latest yacht, The Tempus Class is due to launch later this year. If you’ve got a few million pounds to spare and think you might be interested, stay tuned for the website and printed material which will all be on our projects page soon.

Suite success!


  • 15th November 2012

We were chuffed to hear that our stationery suite for The People’s Supermarket features in another tasty design book: ‘Identity Suite: Visual Identity in Stationery’ published by Victionary.
The book showcases the finest corporate stationery from around the world in 256 beautifully designed pages. It’s the fifth book to feature The People’s Supermarket, so we’re blushing with joy at Unreal HQ.
If you’ve got a hankering for letterheads and envelopes, you can buy yourself a copy from Amazon here.

Joe’s Ice Cream Brand Launch


  • 7th November 2012

Featured in Design Week.
We’re proud to announce our rebranding of Joe’s Ice Cream, Wales’ finest since 1922. The company, which is celebrating 90 years of success, has a new identity, packaging and in-store graphics based on the memories of its customers posted on Facebook and Tripadvisor.
There is an incredible amount of heritage in the Joe’s brand and this is reflected in its cult following. We created a positioning based on the fond memories people have for the ice cream and the company’s online reputation provided the perfect foundation for this.
The new look is rolling out across Joe’s retail outlets this month, as well as new retail ready packaging going on sale in Welsh branches of Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Asda.
Read the full story here.

Jeeves rebrand in Design Week


  • 27th September 2012

Featured in Design Week.
Unreal has rebranded Jeeves ‘London’s Finest Dry Cleaners.’ The consultancy was appointed to the branding work due to an existing relationship with the client, having previously worked on its advertising.
The new branding shelves the previous marque, an image of two ladies carrying parcels, and instead gives prominence to the ‘by appointment to H.R.H The Prince of Wales’ crest and the brand’s 40-plus year heritage.
Read the full story here.

Design Week Voxpop.


  • 23rd August 2012

Featured in Design Week.
Ryan was asked by Design Week to contribute to this week’s Voxpop which asked: Who is the most interesting collaborator you have ever worked with?
Avoiding the obvious name-dropping of artists, illustrators and copywriters, we wanted to talk about the people we collaborate with on a daily basis that make the job possible: Our clients.
Collaboration comes from an ability to understand each other’s ideas; to listen and react to problems and, above all, to trust in the abilities of each other. Our clients’ abilities to work with us in the creative process is crucial. So crucial in fact, we talk about on our homepage (look for the swans).

Read the full story here.

Unreal designs two books for The People’s Supermarket


  • 15th August 2012

Featured in Design Week.
Unreal has designed two books for The People’s Supermarket, a co-operative supermarket which featured in a Channel 4 documentary of the same name.
The People’s Supermarket is a community-based shop managed and owned by members selling largely locally sourced, seasonal and sustainable produce. Unreal – which designed The People’s Supermarket identity in 2010 – was asked to create one book, Secret Sauce, which tells the story of the supermarket. A second, the Members Manual, details the membership process and what to expect when volunteering at the supermarket.

Read the full story here.

Design agency pokes fun at London 2012 marketing rules with censored brand tees.


  • 30th July 2012

Featured on The Drum.
Design agency Unreal has created a series of censored brand tees in response to Seb Coe’s comments about fans not being able to wear Pepsi t-shirts at the Olympic Games.
The t-shirts, which black out the logos of London 2012 non-sponsors such as Nike, Burger King and Pepsi, poke fun at London 2012 organisers’ tough stance on ambush marketing.

Read the full story here.

Making Ideas Fly.


  • 5th July 2012

Our recent new look has today been featured on the branding design blog Identity Designed. You can read the full story behind our change as well a variety of images which showcase the new look.

One part of the rebrand we’re particularly fond of in our new business cards, lovingly printed by Generation Press. The brief was to ensure they outshone those of Paul Allen in this classic American Psycho scene.Mission accomplished!

The People’s Supermarket features in new branding book.


  • 7th March 2012

Unreal was lucky enough to be featured in Die Gestalten’s beautiful new book, Introducing: Visual Identities for Small Businesses, for its work on The People’s Supermarket.
Gestalten publications are well-known for their expertly curated books on visual culture.
Gestalten had this to say on the new book: “The work included in Introducing: Visual Identities for Small Businesses is a testament to the fact that certain limitations can be beneficial to coming up with original and effectively executed creative ideas”.

Have a riot this Christmas with a little help from Unreal.


  • 20th December 2011

It’s been a very angry year. From the Arab Spring, to the Occupy camps, the world has been in uprising. But the most memorable event here in the UK had to be the summer riots which became our inspiration for this years Christmas mailer to our clients.
Sets of 4 alternative Christmas cards were sent to recipients in bespoke packets, made from HD TV and laptop boxes. Bad taste? Probably. Fun to create? Definitely. So go on, get in the spirit of 2011 and have a riot this Christmas.